iVibrate by iDrew

so we've been chatting for ages
i've no idea what about
oh you know where you from
where do you work what clubs
what tunes what food
i wasn't paying that much attention
'cos his eyes were a sumptuous warm brown
and there was a tiny curved crease
in the corner of his mouth
when he smiled

that was the exact moment
i fell in love
well ok
the exact moment i wanted to be fucked

i was right up for it
not had a decent shag
since i can't even remember
was so gutted when he stood up
and said sorry he had to go with his mates
they were on a beer mission
with them all making alpha display
laddish noises
put yer number in my phone he said

i was dying to snog him
body brush against him
so accidentally
make him change his mind take him home
but he winked and went
i was watching him
in the mirror behind the bar
i saw him look back
with confusion on his face

then i couldn't believe he was returning
oh wow oh my god i can hardly breathe
and his arm reaches out
he's gonna swoop me up
how cute
sorry he says forgot my phone

that was the exact moment
or so i thought
the ground would swallow me up

but Gemma came over fucking hell Drew
you struck gold he's well fit
nah i said small dick and we cackled
got another drink

then off home
with drunken flat mate Gemma
yet again
but that was it
right there
was the exact moment
i thought does it really matter

and that was also the moment
i remembered there's always
my girl's best friend
in the bedside cupboard

Copyright 2009

Author's Bio: Drew considers herself to be a free range clubber going anywhere the beats are pumpin'. She also plays with the Clueless Collective: http://www.cluelesscollective.co.uk/