Rock Star by Dana Freck

I was going to be a man of the cloth;
I was going to be a musician.
I was going to be so many things
before I came upon this vixen.

Such talent I had,
I was so often told;
A band was then formed
my soul was then sold.

This new life, this new world,
This new guitar, and this new girl.

Sanity torn away it seems,
ripped apart at the seams.

The crowd it cheers, the crowd it screams.
What was the price for all of my dreams?

My faith they took away from me,
I was left bereft and scarred.
They added to my ego trip,
and God from me was barred.

Better to be worshipped,
than a worshipper to He.
Why should I look up to Him,
when they all look up to me?

In youth it was so tempting;
the lights, fortune and fame.
Now it's just a way of life,
for who is left to blame?

Copyright 2009

Author’s Bio: Dana lives in Louisville, KY with her fiancĂ© and son. It is a sweet little fairy tale of a family story. Dana is opposed to telling fairy tales and concentrates on darker aspects of life and psyche in her writing. We can only hope the poor child involved turns out normal with her brand of bedtime stories.