Ten Years by Eric Godsil

Ten years,
Slowly suffocating on the sulfur of patience,
Polluting my lungs,
Lingering in the air around me,
Evasive and illusive,
This broken winged angel,
Beauty exudes from every pore.

Ten years,
Of solace within solitude,
Acceptance of loneliness,
Dreaming of the intangible,
Entrapping and elegant,
This Unstoppable fantasy,
Forcing through the seams of patchworked blockades.

Ten years,
Steadily watching as each fragile wing spreads,
Showing the magnificence of their owner,
Eclipsed only by her smile,
Each eye a sanctuary,
A secluded space for the soul to rest,
Protecting me from my worst demons.

Ten years,
The reason for my very being,
Each pain endured,
A lesson on how to treat her,
Like she deserves,
A harborer of joy,
Woman; in its purest form.

Ten years,
Acceptance in its most raging manifestation,
Entity of love and envy,
Entwining delicate conflicts,
Straining to keep from shattering,
A feeling expanding for a decade,
I will wait ten more.

Copyright 2009

Author's Bio: I live in a small town in Indiana....I LOVE when it snows outside. I am a veteran of two foreign wars and am just watching the world go round and round.