The Beast Within by Bill West

At six a.m., the sixty six Leytonstone bus rattles his bedroom window. He wakes and lies in his narrow bed, listening to the rain on the glass and the plash of water dripping from the broken gutter and cascading onto the wheely bins below. He can already smell the wet plaster patch in the corner of the ceiling. And he senses something else. Something wrong. Something strange and out of place. Light marches across the bedroom wall as another bus grinds past casting a monstrous shadow on the wall.

He grabs for the bedside lamp and switches it on. It takes a few blinks before he solves the puzzle of what it is hanging above his bed. Suspended from a mucous rope two large slugs entwine, their sexual organs locked together like a blue silicon gel alien. The slime across the ceiling spells out a message.

He laughs. A message from above. Nighttime and wet weather always makes her horny.

He clambers up the stairs to her attic room.

She is naked, lying in the middle of her big round bed. Water is dripping at many points from the ceiling, spattering onto her wet skin which gleams iridescent in the green lamplight. She winks and blinks, strokes her thighs and grins her big grin. He strokes her cool flesh, takes a grip and flips her over so that she is faced down and spread-eagled. Naked, he mounts her. Skin to slick skin, he wraps his arms around her big chest. And holds on tight.

Their lovemaking is muscular and intense. The floor and walls shake. Soon the bed disappears under a foaming solution bubbling from between her thighs. And only when she is finished does he allow himself to come.

He arches his back. His eyes pop, neck bulges, mouth gapes and croaks a cry of ecstasy.


Copyright 2009

Author's Bio: Bill West lives in Shropshire, UK. He is a member of a number on-line writing communities and is Group Host for the WriteWords Flash Fiction One Group. His work has appeared at MicroHorror, Kaleidotrope, Static Movement, Twisted Tongue, Zygote in My Coffee, FlashQuake, Heavy Glow, 52 Stitches and other places.