Minimally filled two sizes too sober,
The bold west is a pew again

Earning how many coins inhabit the cover
Of virgin frogs duplicating lice flakes.

Offshore I cross the mandible crutch
Harmonious as a zombie purgatory backflipping toward

This pitiful inheritance of wide stifled potato chips.
Slithered splatters of oatmeal lenient AIDS

Gown homicides whacking off
Wacky cells whacking weeds

And seducing my Barely Legals spread eagle.
Shorty you yank that nose hair from the fridge,

Yanking a cold sore from the disinfectant pad.
And icing the bridge before the road

Your wet parts
Goose a dirge buried in frowning haste

Imported our confounded fate.
Like the ornate superbug bumps on cone spuds

Filled with progress but fragile pus inside,
A diaper glue and the lunge of my goo

Ductapes together couplets of a carjacking
Called the don't wait up flag balls benediction.

Minimally filled two colons too ivory,
Our loyal pals the euthanized ding

A gristle affirming Buddha hall laid my piebald Mary Beth
Pressata pressed a dictated hick bleech.

Copyright 2009

Author's Bio: Born 1974 in Parkersburg, WV, RC Miller is a poet and photographer currently living in New York City. He may be found at