eternal return by Chris Deal

long, too long,
but i can still
remember her smile,
like a moment after
the singularity
snapped, eternally
returning to the
first moment i saw,
the moment we first,
so damn early in
the morning, her
there, leaning over,
kissing me softly on
the lips, coming
through the sleeping
fog, then she was gone,
her smile on my lips,
still, tasting, always,
thank god it's always there,
we will always return
to that one moment,
that first kiss,
that waking i pray to see
again, me there, her coming
out of the dark,
first night,
there, before, the first
years earlier,
so far earlier,
i haven't seen her in so

Copyright 2009

Author's Bio: Chris Deal writes from Huntersville, NC.