Too Dark To Care by Branimir Hrvoj a.k.a. Jebozid

Brown, crusted stains on the yellowed pillow
I crawl like a snail to the bathroom mirror
This face is not mine, not as I remember
Doc said in March - I won't see September

Legs spill like piss, head hits the spout
Teeth fill the sink, blood gushes out
Meat slaps the floor, bleeds out a prayer
This shriveled corpse - pills can't repair

Is this what life looks like?
A pile of bones in a leather bag
When bowels fail and mix shit with gore
Is this how spent souls smell?

On the wet ceramic grave, lies a pale, wrinkled mass
It's too late to coagulate, too dark to...

Copyright 2009

Author's Bio: Jeb is a Croatian Satan incarnation. Has great legs. Loves saying "Go team something".