Abilify: A Warning Letter by Anne Rettenberg

That once good doctor of years past
got something now to cure you fast.
Pharma rep gave him a pen,
free samples, buffet lunch, but when
he writes a script for your psychosis
it might not match your diagnosis.
It’s the drug Big Pharma’s selling;
that’s a fact doc won’t be telling.

A drug was made for schizophrenia;
it might not fix all that’s been eatin’ ya
if you’re in a bad depression.
But don’t you know it’s a recession?
Big Pharma’s got to make some money;
so what if the pill makes you feel funny?
They said those feelings go away--
but some effects are here to stay:
There’s that Tardive dyskinesia--
comes from meds for schizophrenia.
Then there’s the deadly NMS.
There’s even more they could confess:
Weight gain leads to funny things
like diabetic sugar swings.

You weren’t even hearing voices.
Were you given all the choices?

Copyright 2009

Author's Bio: Anne Rettenberg is a psychotherapist and occasional poet in New York City, where there is ample material for both pursuits.